First Trimester Survival Kit

by Holly on August 24, 2015

first trimester (3)
Are you struggling through your first trimester of pregnancy? Do you know someone who is?

Here I’ve compiled a list of some things that can ease the discomfort of those first 13 weeks.


Summer 2015 Noonday Sample Sale

by Holly on July 8, 2015


Click here to go directly to my Sample Sale!


I have always been weary of direct sales. Not sure why, I just mostly steered clear. Then I discovered Noonday Collection, and thought about it for a long time.


Why did the thought of selling something bother me? And why do I assume friends feel awkward buying from friends?

I mean, in this case, if you’re going to purchase jewelry anyway, wouldn’t you rather support a friend and fair trade artisan hand made business than walk into a big box or department store and pad the pockets of the CEO while the people in the factories get paid nothing and are most likely abused?

If you haven’t heard about Noonday Collection yet, I urge you to check out the website, peruse the impact section, and check out the blog.

And I’m having another online sample sale! Here is the link to some great items at a discount (many of which can still be purchased for full price on the website!) Most of these items have never been worn, and are in like new condition.



NoGii High Protein Peanut Butter Bar Review

June 28, 2015

I used to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck around NYC and was very intrigued when she wrote the book “The G-Free Diet.” She now has a whole line of gluten-free protein and snack bars called NoGii. Green Moms Meet recently sent me the Peanut Butter Chocolate High Protein Bars to review. Just the facts NoGii’s High Protein […]

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Hot Wheels Race Car Party Ideas

June 23, 2015

I am not crafty. But when my sons ask for a specific birthday party theme, I make all the decorations- and they always help me. This way they are involved in the preparation, and I can relax knowing it won’t be perfect, but we enjoy the process. Here is a race car birthday party we […]

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Xlear Care Kit Review and Coupon Code

June 21, 2015

I’ve been an advocate for xylitol use for many years. The addition of xylitol to saline nasal sprays, neti pots, and positive pressure bottles has been shown to make them more effective at helping to prevent ear infections in children, sinus infections in adults, and asthma and allergies in people of all ages. Xylitol helps the body’s […]

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