Antidepressants..not en Vogue

I just read a great article on the danger of taking antidepressants during pregnancy.  The biggest surprise about the article?  I found it in Vogue magazine!  I know you must be thinking “how on earth does a new mom have time to read a fashion magazine,” and I’m with you on that one.  Can’t believe I actually read it cover to cover!  It’s all part of being an Integrative Mom I suppose.  I was excited to see truth being told about the “mal” practices of the pharmaceutical companies in the most unlikely of places.  I was upset to read that, “A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that drug companies publish only two thirds of antidepressant studies- usually the most positive ones.”  Risks of taking antidepressants during pregnancy include miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects, heart abnormalities, and trouble breathing.  Click here to see for yourself > Vogue Article

3 ways to combat mild depression:

  • Take fish oil (third party tested), which is great during pregnancy anyway, as it provides much needed essential fatty acids to the baby’s brain
  • Get some sunshine
  • Move your body! 30 minutes a day of light exercise such as walking and resistance training if possible

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