Best Baby DVDs

I used to think I wouldn’t let my child watch any TV before the age of 2…then I actually had a child. Of course we all know that babies need more interaction than to be plopped down in front of the television, but there are times when turning on a video is just what everyone in the family needs.

I HIGHLY recommend Classical Baby 3-Pack – Music, Art & Dance.

My son loves Classical Baby: The Art Show so much, that on a recent visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC he recognized this painting by Mary Cassatt and was THRILLED.

Little did I know when I bought those DVDs that it would help my baby appreciate The Met!

3 thoughts on “Best Baby DVDs”

  1. ooh! We have those, too! P got them as a baby gift from some Chicago cousins. We don’t watch them very often, but she loves them, too and I love the music and all the animals they show. Plus she loves to point and say ba ba to the little baby.

  2. Aren’t they great? Like an art history lesson and time to relax all rolled up into one!

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