Baby Friendly Bakery in Austin, TX

I absolutely LOVE when I discover a coffee shop where I can go and meet my friends whether they have children or not AND take my 2 year old without wondering whether or not I’ll actually get to have any adult conversation.   This (combined with the fact that pain au chocolat is probably my favorite food on the planet thanks to my time living in Paris) led me to my new favorite place in Austin.

La Patisserie

The owner is a friend of a friend, and I’ve also heard many other moms mention how great it is.

Yes, the macarons, millefeuille, and eclairs are reason enough to go, but what makes me want to return again and again is the corner of the shop they safely sectioned off as a play area for babies and toddlers.

baby friendly baby bakery

There are books and toys and a kid sized table and chairs all enclosed by a baby gate, and my husband and I had coffee, French pastries and actual conversation!  It was a glorious day and we were ready to leave long before our 2 year old- which means I can meet friends there and we can linger over lattes.

Thank you La Patisserie!

2 thoughts on “Baby Friendly Bakery in Austin, TX”

  1. Hi Holly,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful post! I am so glad that you enjoy the place! I have a 15 month old which is what inspired/forced the children’s area- I never have been to a place where you can go and know that your child is playing safely while you attempt to have a conversation. I had to be sure this was a place that I would frequent as a customer.

    We hope to see you back soon!

    Soraiya, owner La Patisserie

  2. I love this place too! A few of my mamma friends choose this as a meet up point, purely as they have a dedicated children’s area. Of course the choice of pastries and drinks definitely wins us over too. Bonus is that it’s walking distance from our house. Friendly staff also helps.

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