Have you ever been part of something so incredible you wish you were the one who thought of it? That is how I feel about Beautycounter.

Except I still get to be part of the company in a huge way.

It is the perfect intersection of all of my experiences and I am able to work my business from home when I want and where I want, all while having 3 kids home with me all the time.

A little background- I spent years as a fashion model, then studied and trained to become a health coach in NYC. I continued modeling, started health coaching and created my own skin care line. The skin care and cosmetic industry had always called to me, and while I was in high school I loved chemistry so much I considered going to school to become a chemist so I could develop new makeup in labs. Little did I know I would instead be working for these companies in an entirely different way by modeling for their ads and TV commercials.

The availability of face wash and moisturizer made of safe ingredients was confined to natural food stores, smelled of patchouli and wasn’t very effective. So I read a ton of books on making natural soaps and face washes and got to work. I came up with a logo, got a website and gave out prototypes for Christmas. I was on my way.

Then I had one…two…three…amazing children and my focus shifted completely. I knew I wanted to stay home with them and make them my priority, but had so much passion about health and wellness and fashion and natural parenting that this blog was born.

I dipped my toes into the waters of social selling when I discovered Noonday Collection– which I will always love.

I was so encouraged and heartened by the way my friends and family embraced my new business and supported me every step of the way. “Of course we will buy from you!” They said. I’d rather buy something from you knowing it’s helping your family than lining the pockets of CEOs at big box corporations. (Not to mention the superior products I was offering!!) I truly have the best friends and family. Why oh why was I ever hesitant about direct sales?

Then about 3 years ago I was on set at a modeling job and the makeup artist was using a new foundation by a company that claimed to put the health of its customers first. I looked into it and saw some synthetic ingredients and discounted it completely. The line I created years ago was completely natural and that is all I would ever use on myself or my children. I had learned too much about the toxins in skin care and cosmetics and and their link to cancer, infertility, and other health issues to even budge. Even if I was getting wrinkles, even if they didn’t necessarily work very well I didn’t care. I was really intrigued by the company though, and thought it must be good if a makeup artist was using it.

Two years went by and it kept resurfacing so I did some research on the company. Oh! All the ingredients they use are known for their safety, even if a few are synthetic. The skin care line is performance based- and the people who use it see dramatic improvement in the look and feel of their skin almost immediately.

The color cosmetics are beautiful, heavily pigmented, and created by a celebrity makeup artist who has seen and used the best of the best. She’s taken what she loves and made them safer.
The packaging is eco friendly and gorgeous.
Beautycounter has spent time in Washington D.C. asking for the laws to change. No new laws have been passed regarding skin care and cosmetics since 1938, and in that time 80,000 new chemicals have entered the market. It doesn’t matter if they cause infertility or cancer. It doesn’t matter if the bottle says natural or organic and the contents aren’t. It doesn’t matter that anything can be hidden in a product and labeled as “fragrance” even if it’s know to harm our health. Beautycounter is on a mission to get these laws changed.
I had an epiphany- Beautycounter perfectly marries all of my passions and background. Everything rolled into one. I can advocate for stricter laws in personal care products while working in the beauty industry, educate friends family and many many others on the importance of doing everything we can to ensure we are not unknowingly increasing our cancer risk, develop meaningful and close relationships with other women doing the same important work, stay home with my children and create my own work hours, earn a significant addition to our family income, and have rewarding and cup-filling nights out with other women. So I went for it. And I’m never looking back.
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October is a very important month in the fight against breast cancer. On one hand, year after year I am encouraged that an entire month is devoted to bringing awareness for the cause, and raising money for its cure. However many of the companies most aggressively waving the pink ribbon are part of the problem. Chemicals in personal care products are directly linked to breast cancer. What we put on our bodies goes directly into our blood stream and many of these things do damage to our DNA. Small exposure is no big deal, but women put an average of 11 products on their skin every day, and day after day this accumulates into a giant toxic overload.
We can not control many things in life. But we CAN control what we put on our body.
Beautycounter offers amazing products that you could find at the best department store beauty counters. But the importance of clean and safe ingredients can’t be told from a shelf. This is why Beautycounter was formed as a direct retail brand, and it’s the reason I’ve chosen to be an advocate for safer beauty by sharing these products online and in person.
This October, as you’re seeing pink ribbons on everything from paraben laden lotion to sugar filled donuts, remember that there are companies that care more about people than profits. Beautycounter is one of them.
There are three ways you can be part of the solution.
***Purchase products that are better for your health, and don’t contain ingredients directly linked to breast cancer. This way you are creating less demand for toxic products! Vote with your dollar. When companies see a decline in sales because women care about their health, these carcinogenic chemicals will be phased out of the products. Remember the formaldehyde in Johnson&Johnson? It wasn’t until the public heard about it that the company decided to remove it and only because it was affecting their bottom line!! My preference is clearly Beautycounter, so click here to see what we have to offer!
***Host a casual happy hour or brunch and gather friends to sample our great products and discuss safer, better beauty. Your local Beautycounter consultant will showcase the products and share the importance of safer skincare! If you’re in Austin, that’s me!! If you’re somewhere else in the US, contact me and I will connect you with a Beautycounter consultant. We are in almost every city and I love connecting people.
***Become a Beautycounter consultant!
Earn up to 35% commission on the products you sell. When you enroll as a Consultant, you’ll receive a personal website through which all sales will be directly attributed to you. This makes it easy to share your favorite products and our mission. It couldn’t be easier.
You’ll also receive 25% off of all of your own purchases.
Beautycounter isn’t just a path-breaking beauty brand. We are a movement for making the beauty industry better. We do that with valuable information, fun socials, safer products, and your help. There is no longer a need to compromise health and safety in the name of beauty. You can do well, do good and look great. Learn more, or join my team by clicking here
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