Second Child Syndrome

Everyone says it will happen, but you don’t think it will…

With our first baby no plastic toys entered our home until his first birthday. Everything was washed, sanitized, anti-bacterialed, and sterilized before we let him touch it. We only dressed him in clothing made of organic cotton or all-natural fibers, with no tags.

We chronicled his every move, and documented every day of his first year on a private blog.

As for our new baby? Here is a recent photo of his tummy time mat:

just how clean do you think those tricycle wheels are?

Nice parking spot, don’t you think? Obviously someone did.

But every time I feel the slightest bit guilty for the discrepancy in attention, I think about how much more relaxed my new baby is…and I think there just might be a connection.

One thought on “Second Child Syndrome”

  1. Babies can certainly sense stress! Our oldest (then at 16 months) got in between his mommy and daddy and said NO!!! when we got into an argument… heh … we both had to take a step back and smile. It ended up in a mommy/daddy/baby three way hug…. This is the kid that is quite content to sleep from 8:30p to 8:30a too…. 🙂

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