Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Summer

While having lunch at a friend’s home today, I watched in amazement as she effortlessly took the stem off the strawberries she was serving the kids. Since the majority of the Vitamin C in strawberries is located near the stem I’m always distraught as I lop it off, and sometimes I just throw the whole thing in my morning smoothie- greens and all. Not any longer! Where has this been all my life? This might be the coolest kitchen gadget I’ve ever seen.

I’m SO glad it’s strawberry season!

But wait- I’m forgetting how much I love my mango slicer! It’s up there in rank.

These 2 gadgets will make your fruit cutting summer much more enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Summer”

  1. just got myself a mango slicer… now all I need are mangoes !

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