Covered Goods Nursing Cover discount + GIVEAWAY!

I have now been breastfeeding for 8 years and two months straight. Well I did have a one month break last winter before my baby girl was born, but who’s counting?
Needless to say, I have a lot of breastfeeding experience. With that experience comes lots of trial and error on what works and what doesn’t. How to deal with mastitis, how to prevent clogged ducts, how to properly time my tea and champagne so as not to affect the baby…I’ve found the best nursing bras, nursing pillow and  nursing tops. I’ve mastered the art of nursing in public while standing and getting fire ants off of a toddler. Painting a vivid picture?
Discreetly breastfeeding in public is essential to successful breastfeeding for most moms. As normal as I want it to be, reality is that we all feel more comfortable if baby is snugly covered and not distracted, and we aren’t wondering if people are sneaking a peak of the goods. Crazy world we live in, but I digress. I have 7 different nursing covers. 4 cape types, one poncho, one scarf and then THE BEST ONE.
Have you heard of Covered Goods? It is the original multi-use nursing cover and it is hands down my favorite. If you are breastfeeding, expecting a baby, or need to purchase a shower gift, head straight to their site to buy one and don’t look back. Here’s a 15% off coupon code good through 11/15! ORIGINAL15
The reasons I love it.
It is made in the USA- (YAY! Fair Trade!)
It is so very soft
Provides 360 degree coverage
Comes in a variety of colors: patterns and solids or both! Perfect addition to any outfit.
Can be worn as a scarf!
You can use them as shopping cart covers, car seat covers, and high chair covers.
Everywhere I go people ask me about my Covered Goods Nursing cover, OR they stop me to tell me they have the same one and love it.
Covered Goods has offered to GIVE AWAY a nursing cover of choice to one of my fabulous readers!
How to enter:
1. Like Integrative Mom on Instagram (we double check!)
3. Comment on this post I will pick a winner at random on November 19th.
Good luck!
Here are some shots of Covered Goods in the wild:
Love this original multi-use nursing cover! #supportthetrueoriginal

3 thoughts on “Covered Goods Nursing Cover discount + GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I am expecting twin girls in April and something like this would be a lifesaver for me!

  2. Love this cover up! Also love your holistic approach! So glad I stumbled across your page and I am now following (altruisticyogini on IG)

  3. You are a warrior. Wish I’d had this back when I was breastfeeding my kiddos!

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