O.N.E. derful Coconut Water

Coconut water is a miracle beverage. Are you seeing it on the grocery store shelves now and wondering why you should buy it? Many, many reasons and during all phases of life.

  • Coconut water has been proven to increase fertility.
  • It is the perfect sports recovery drink (In emergency situations it has been used intravenously because the electrolyte composition so closely resembles blood plasma.)
  • If your child’s tooth gets knocked out and you want to save it put it in coconut water! It has been proven to keep the cells on the tooth more viable than milk.
  • Coconut water is a great re-hydrant for babies and children with the flu
  • Coconut water is the perfect tonic for pregnant women- great during the first trimester when it’s hard to keep anything down, for the 2nd trimester for your amniotic fluid, and ideal for the 3rd trimester because it helps to “keep you regular.”
  • Coconut water makes breastmilk more nutritious
  • Coconut water helps you return to your pre-pregnancy weight more quickly

O.N.E. is a wonderful brand I tried recently that was delicious.  I highly recommend it for you and your family’s next thirst quenching drink!  Babies love it too.  When my son sees the carton at the grocery store, he immediately kicks his legs in excitement and squeals with delight.

5 thoughts on “O.N.E. derful Coconut Water”

  1. Where do you find coconut water? I’ve never looked for it but am curious now….

  2. It’s starting to show up in a lot of grocery stores and coffee shops, and you can definitely find it at Whole Foods and other natural health food stores. You can also buy it by the case on Amazon.com. Make sure you buy it in the box (tetrapak)- the canned ones called coconut juice have chunks of coconut in them and are not very good!

  3. OK…I saw different brands on Amazon, only one had tetra pak, now I can’t remember the name. Is that the one you recommend? It looks like it might be a variety pack…

  4. Here is a link to the one I think consisitently tastes the best. It’s important to make sure it’s only coconut water, because the flavored ones have added sugar:
    Coconut Water

  5. There are also many flavors in Vita Coco and it is cheaper.

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