Elle Macpherson Saves the Day

So I had mastitis more than once, and if you’ve had it, you know it is not fun. I treated it naturally all the times I had it, but by the 4th time I was really over it…not to mention my husband was working on the other coast and I was alone caring for my 8 week old. Since he had to fly home early he mentioned to one of the women on his job what was ailing me, and what she suggested really made a difference. She said, “I know it might sound weird, but I had mastitis all the time until I bought the Elle Macpherson nursing bra.” When my husband told me this, I quickly flashed back to the time I tried on an Elle Macpherson nursing bra at the Upper Breast Side (an amazing full service store for nursing mothers- check it out if you live in the New York City Area!). I didn’t buy it at the time because it looked and felt like a piece of sexy lingerie and I thought I needed soft stretchy boring cotton. Anyway, I quickly ran back out and bought that Elle Macpherson nursing bra, and what do you know- I never had mastitis again! It’s neither organic, nor green in any way, but it’s black and lacy and beautiful and that’s part of being integrative- we incorporate what works best for us to create happy, holistic, healthy lives.

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  1. Hey Holls! I had mastitis 4 times too! I started taking a Lecithin supplement which made a world of difference. Since I am still nursing (Niko is 15 months now) and getting REALLY tired of all my stretchy cotton nursing bras I will totally check these out! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much for your comment, and mentioning lecithin. It’s a great supplement to take if you are plagued with mastitis or clogged milk ducts- It helps to “emulsify” your milk, making clogged ducts a thing of the past. I used an organic brand of granules that I mixed into my morning smoothie. Thank you for the tip! and definitely check out the bra (the black one!) – I had a non-mom friend see it and say, “That’s a nursing bra? I’d like to have one of those! Looks like lingerie!”

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