Farm to School

There really should be no such thing as “kid food.”  After a brief period in baby and toddlerhood when food should be tailored to a brand new digestive system,  children should be eating healthful, nourishing, whole food.  Juicy fresh fruits and veggies are a must, yet if you look at most school lunches, it’s no wonder kids don’t want to touch the mush that is supposed to be green beans.  Farm Aid wants to help.  From the Farm Aid Newsletter:

“Nachos and cheese, French toast sticks, days and days of chicken nuggets. Is this what we want to nourish our children’s growing minds? Summer may seem a strange time to think about the food our kids eat in school, but it’s actually a great time to consider Farm to School programs. Check out Farm Aid’s Farm to School 101 Toolkit for information on starting one in your area.”

I encourage you to help change the way our children eat.

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  1. Hey Holly! I love this topic, because it is one of the hardest areas for me!! I struggle every day with snacks, meals and etc…. I am always up for ideas on what to feed my kids that isn’t just junk food. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!!

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