“Food Rules” Winner

I used random.org to pick a winner for last week’s giveaway- a copy of the book Food Rules.  The only non-mom who entered the drawing for the book won!  Of course he is a dad, so that’s great too.  Congrats :
Lance L. of New York, NY 
You’ll be receiving your copy of Food Rules very soon!
Lance also entered the funniest food rule:
 “Only eat Krispy Kreme donuts when the sign says ‘Hot Now.'”
I agree.
Here are my other 4 faves:
1. Listen to your palette and cravings. If your body is
craving certain foods, eat them. (Ladies, I am not talking about
monthly ice cream cravings!)  -Leah W. Nashville, TN
2. Whenever you have something sweet, always have a little protein
with it. This will help the body break the sugar down.  -Trisca S. Ny, NY
3. Shop the outer aisles of the grocery store which is mostly whole (and
some organic) foods, and read the labels–if you can’t pronounce the
ingredients or don’t recognize them, don’t buy it. -Lisa N.  Roswell, NM
4. If you’re hungry and it’s not meal time, try drinking a glass of water and wait 10 minutes to see if your hunger subsides.  Sometimes you are mistaking hunger for thirst.  -Erica R.  Boise, ID
Thanks to all for participating!  It was fun getting your emails and reading your number one Food Rule. 

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  1. Imagine my surprise 🙂 I’m tickled to death that I won. Thanks!

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