Great Way to Prevent Allergies and Colds

Have you ever used a neti pot? If you haven’t, but you’ve heard of them, I’m sure I know why. As much as I’d heard miracle testimonials about how these saved people during allergy and cold season, I just couldn’t bring myself to trying one. My husband raved about how much better he felt after using it and encouraged me to do the same.

It just seemed so…gross. In case you don’t know how they work, basically you fill the pot with a saline solution and pour it it one nostril as it flows out the other. I was worried it would hurt- the way breathing in ocean water does- or sting the back of my throat. And really I was just worried I wouldn’t know how to use it correctly.

This was fine for someone who didn’t have allergies, and hadn’t had a cold in four years. (Yes, 4.) However, throw a pregnancy, breastfeeding and small child into the mix and add that to a new climate with tons of known allergens in the air, and I was miserable last fall. I would do anything to feel better, including not drinking wine (!) to avoid sulfites and the histamine release they trigger, and, yes, try the dreaded neti pot.

The first time I tried it, I realized how easy it was to use, and how ridiculous my fear had been. It also worked wonders. Every bout with allergies or a cold became shorter and shorter as I faithfully used the neti pot with the beginning of each sniffle.

Since that time of year is here again, I have thought a lot about how to avoid a repeat of last fall. Recently I asked a friend if she has allergies. She said she did when she first moved to the area, but then she began using a neti pot. She explained to me that she uses it morning and evening to flush all of the pathogens and allergens out of her nose, and since doing this, she suffers no more!

I hadn’t thought of using it day and night even when I’m feeling fine, but knowing how allergies and colds take hold, it really makes sense to do this.

So I ask you- do you have allergies? Have a small child? Ever catch a cold? Try using a neti pot for the entire season- not just when symptoms appear. You will be breathing easier in no time.

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