Green Christmas Tree

Last year we chopped down our own organic Christmas tree.

The plan was to do it again this year, but then we actually thought about it. Realizing we have a very active five month old in tow, we decided to do the next best thing.

Buy a tree from Whole Foods, of course.

Is there anyone on the planet who does not know how much I love that store? They purchase the trees from Bottomley Evergreens & Farms– a family owned and operated farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For every tree that is cut down, two more trees are planted the following year. What’s not to love?

First we picked out a tree:


Then the terrific tree handler helped us prepare it for our journey home:


He tied it down tight:


And we’re off!


It was such a fun walk home, and melted my heart watching a three year old boy so proudly pulling his Christmas tree on his little red wagon. I wouldn’t trade that memory for chopping down our own tree any day.


How’s that for green?

3 thoughts on “Green Christmas Tree”

  1. Not living in the same City as my grandchildren – It warms my heart also to be able to share by pictures your wonderful
    memories. He does look so proud. I watched a show on
    Whole foods the other night and and am so glad you are so near one to be able to shop their store. They are amazing and have such a great concept. Love Mom

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