Ask Holly: What Is the Best Baby Carrier?

Hi Holly,
My niece is having her first baby, mine is now 16 years old!!! so its been a while, but I am looking for a great baby wrap, carrier for her, do you have any recommendations?

I’m glad you asked. I love baby wearing and have tried almost every kind of sling/wrap/carrier there is. (Except for the forward facing type, which is not recommended.)

If your niece will mostly be carrying the baby during the infant stage, I recommend the Moby Wrap. It is versatile and the baby feels secure and snuggled, while not restricting her airways or unnaturally forcing her legs into an uncomfortable position. I used the Moby from birth until 8 months with my son.

I also recommend the Ergo Baby Carrier. I carried my son in it until he was over 2 years old and more than 30 pounds. It is very user friendly and can be worn on the front or back.

Congratulations on your soon to be grand-niece!

Here is some more info on baby carriers.

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