Ask Holly: Do You Like Gripe Water?

Hi Holly! I was wondering what your take on gripe water is? My 6 week old has been very colicky and I’ve tried Hylands colic tablets, as well as eliminating dairy from my diet, but nothing seems to be working so far and I’m so frustrated, as is my sweet baby! I’ve been researching a few different gripe waters on the web but wanted to know if you had any suggestions. Thanks so much!
Becca, Rogers, AR

One thought on “Ask Holly: Do You Like Gripe Water?”

  1. Hi! I feel for you and your sweet baby. There are a few more things you can remove from your diet to try and help ease your baby’s pain: wheat, coffee (even decaf), soy, all other beans, spicy food (salsa comes to mind!), tomato sauce, chocolate and nuts. Ok- I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s only for a short time- until he’s 3 months, then you can enter these things back into your diet slowly. Also, if you haven’t tried it, sitting on a stability ball while holding your baby in cradle position or upright on your chest and bouncing him might help him settle. This worked so well for us that every night for about 3 months straight you could either find me or my husband bouncing the baby on the ball for 2 hours straight. That really strengthened my core after giving birth! I hated and loved that ball at the same time. As for gripe water, it’s worth a try. I like the Wellements brand because they use organic ingredients. Or try fennel tea- you can drink it, then pass on the benefits through your milk, or give your baby one or two drops of dilute fennel tea every few hours. Please let me know if this works! I have more remedies up my sleeve if needed. Holly

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