2 thoughts on “Ask Holly: Do I Have to Stop Breastfeeding?”

  1. Hi Marisol! The great news is that you have nursed your baby for 11 months. Although it’s always best to follow your doctor’s recommendations, I would ask her to give you the reason she suggests you stop breastfeeding and then make your own decision. Here is an article from La Leche League about breastfeeding during pregnancy: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/bfpregnant.html
    Also, if you decide to wean, Sally Fallon has a great recipe for formula in her cookbook Nourishing Traditions
    If that’s too time intensive for you, there are lots of organic formula options on the market. I say rotate between cow and soy milk based formulas to see what works best for your baby. Good luck- trust your maternal instincts and you’ll make the right decision. Congrats on successfully breastfeeding your 11 month old up to this point and on your new baby!!!

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