3 thoughts on “Ask Holly: Supplements for Preschooler?”

  1. Hi Melissa!
    I suggest taking a whole foods based greens product called Smoothie Infusion by Vega
    Vega Whole Food Smoothie Infusion

    It is a blend of organic fruits, veggies and superfood and is safe for children. Just make sure to use about 1/4 the recommended amount. There are yummy smoothie recipes on the back of the package. Here is a link from the company’s website about giving it to children. My 13 month old LOVES it, and I enjoy seeing the green mustache he has on his smile when he’s finished drinking it.
    I also recommend a high quality fish oil supplement. One I like is Carlson Laboratories Kids- Very Finest Fish Oil
    It’s also a good idea to give your child probiotics. 70% of your daughter’s immune system is in her gut, and these friendly bacteria keep the bad bugs in check. A great one for children is Garden Of Life Primal Defense Kids

    These three supplements combined with a low refined sugar diet will help her immune system do its work. Good luck with preschool!

  2. Hey Holly, Do you have any good recipe websites or cookbooks you recommend for eating healthy for the whole family? I am done with “kid food” so now I need to figure out what to cook!


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