Make Your Own Pink Food Coloring

We love to decorate cookies every year for Valentine’s Day, and every year I cringe when I add the drops of the evil Red Dye for the icing. When I have purchased the natural food coloring, the colors aren’t as brilliant…not to mention it is $20 for a four pack of food coloring.

So I set out to make my own and it’s so easy!

Here’s what I did.

Take one frozen beet from a package like this:


Put it in a plastic baggie and let it thaw or add a little hot water to get the process going.


Put powdered sugar in a small bowl, and snip a corner off of the plastic bag. Drop a few drops of the beet juice in the bowl- the more you use the darker the color will be.


That’s all you have to add to the powdered sugar- no milk, no water, no other liquid.

And now you have the prettiest pink frosting!

make your own pink food coloring

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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