Mind Over Matter

I woke up today and looked at the clock. 8:22? I slept in! I feel great! I wonder why my baby chose today to sleep an extra hour, but I don’t mind- I”ll take it, no questions asked.

I hop out of bed a little quicker, a little extra “spring” in my step. Aaah. I feel so refreshed. I actually got to sleep until after 8! I haven’t felt this rested in a long time. It’s amazing what an extra hour of sleep can do.

The house was quiet. My husband and 3 year old weren’t home- wow, so cool. They let me get a little extra sleep since the baby was still sleeping and they knew I needed it. Love them!

I held onto this glow as I changed my baby’s diaper, brushed my teeth, and turned on the hot water for tea. Then I looked at the clock on the oven. 7:26?

What? I’m confused.

Then it hit me, and I was crestfallen. I called my husband. “Did we spring forward?” Instantly I felt robbed of that extra hour of sleep.

And exhausted.

This taught me two things.

  1. I am blissfully unaware of the world outside of my “small children” bubble, and
  2. Thoughts are powerful.

So is my clock.  And tomorrow I plan to wake up and greet the day cheerfully no matter what it says.

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