Miracle Teething Tablets

At my baby shower I opened a gift from my sister and inside was a little white bottle of Hyland’s Teething Tablets.  She then announced- “They really work.  It’s amazing.  Your baby can be screaming his head off, and you put one of those in his mouth and he will instantly stop.  It’s the weirdest thing.”  Since I was pregnant, I thought I was a long way off from needing relief from a teething baby- but I was wrong.  And my sister was so right!  They are a homeopathic rememdy- completely safe, natural and ok to use as early as 4 months (they dissolve immediately), and they really work.  Just now, my 15 month old woke up from his slumber screaming and rubbing his mouth.  My husband grabbed the teething tablets, I popped one in his mouth, and he instantly stopped and went back to sleep.  It’s the craziest thing- how fast and how well they work- but I’m definitely not going to question them.  Little did I know that little white bottle of pills would be the BEST gift ever!  Thank you Heidi!!!

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