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I recently contacted Plum Organics and asked them to send me a sample of their products to test out and review. It’s such a small world- turns out I know the head of PR and marketing from school! Anyway, she sent me a sample of the fiddlesticks, babyfood pouches, and the fruity fingerfuls. I might have the only child on the planet who doesn’t like to eat “puffs” and most other convenience food, so I wasn’t sure what he would do when I let him try these new snacks.
The fingerfuls are freeze dried fruits and grain bits- and he loves them! The strawberry is his favorite flavor, and he feels so “big” and proud of himself when he opens the bag, pulls out a snack, and happily crunches away. The fiddlesticks are yummy too- and once again, they are discerning baby approved. These gluten free sticks are easy to hold, dissolve quickly, and are a little on the sweeter side, so they make a great healthy organic treat.
The baby food pouches are truly a godsend. My baby, who has never had the biggest appetite and usually takes 3 bites of food before he’s done (picture all of the open, half eaten jars of babyfood I would have in my fridge if I didn’t make most of it myself!) quickly flattened the first flavor and then motioned for the second. I will be ordering these by the case. They are great for car rides, or any other on-the-go activity.
The best part about them is that I can confidently give any one of the snack options to my child, because the quality of the ingredients and integrity of the company is top notch.
Thank you Plum Organics!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! No kidding on the wasted food…at what age does this end, exactly? We are carrying it over into kindergarten…sigh. Any ideas on portion size?

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