Real Food for Mother and Baby

If you’re a new mom and are about to tackle the daunting task of feeding your baby solid foods, you probably have many questions about how to do it. When do I start? What do I feed him/her first? What about food allergies? … Sound familiar? To add to your anxiety, if you read almost anything in print about feeding your baby solids, you will be faced with many strict rules about consistency and 4 day waiting and what to introduce first, etc. Well, Nina Planck’s new book, Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods
will help you relax. Don’t expect to get hard and fast rules about feeding- it seems more like a memoir about what she ate while pregnant and how she fed her baby in the beginning- but it is a great read with lots of good information on the importance of eating natural, whole foods. And it totally helped me relax about portion sizes and citrus and chunkiness of food. Though I am still steaming, pureeing and freezing fruits and veggies for my little one, I also let him sample a lot more of my table food realizing that this is what moms have done throughout history, with no month by month schedule of what to feed the baby next.

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