Smart Use of a Smart Phone?

We all have thoughts on screen time for kids- how much is appropriate, when to allow it, whether or not to buy your three year old an iPad, etc. Even the AAP has weighed in and recommended that children under the age of 2 should not watch any TV at all.

I realize this recommendation is because babies and toddlers need human interaction, and many small children are just plopped in front of the television all day, every day. So in stead of saying any is ok, they take the position that none is.
Most of us have also resorted to handing our kids smart phones to prevent scenes in public places- on an airplane, in a super long line at the grocery store, at a restaurant that had to go to a restaurant next door to track down a high chair for your 14 month old (i.e. they were so un-used to accommodating babies, they didn’t have one), when your 3 year old cut his foot on glass at the pool and is otherwise non-distractable.
But this?

smartphone protector

It’s a good idea to keep the phone protected, and I’m sure many many phones have been ruined by little hands. But I shudder to think about how often a child must be on a smart phone to warrant the purchase of a phone protector that snaps onto a stroller.

baby smartphone
I also believe it’s OK to have things that are off limits to our kids. The problem is that they are wired to be interested in whatever we are doing, and they see us looking at our phones a lot throughout the day, so that’s generally what they want to play with. “If it is so interesting to mommy, then I must get my hands on it!”

My baby also really loves unloading the dishwasher and sorting laundry, and my 3 year old has had a full on tantrum because I wouldn’t let him mop, so yes, as it turns out they love to do what they see us do regularly no matter how “fun” it may or may not be.

Thoughts on babies needing a smart phone protector?

3 thoughts on “Smart Use of a Smart Phone?”

  1. Oh man – this definitely gets a full scaled “blooper” award — (I keep wanting to start an award for awful products like this — or the “walking wings” where you prop your kids up like marionettes…or the cone things that catch drips from ice cream…so many things.

    I agree -this is outrageous! We’re going to raise a generation of cyborgs…

  2. Oh – and I do agree that the “no TV” rule is like no alcohol – You know that a lot is a bad thing, and you can’t determine an exact point at which it’s definitely okay, so you just out rule it altogether.

  3. Please start a horrible baby items awards…this one takes grand prize:

    I really think most baby items are useless…(another great reason to live in a small apt in NYC- you can’t get a swing, exersaucer, bouncer, jumperoo, bumbo, etc., simply because you have no room! But really- almost everything marketed for babies can only be used for a matter of months. We are such a vulnerable target market- first time parents wanting the best for our kids…

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