Starbucks To the Rescue!

What’s a mom to do? You’re dying for your green tea latte or caramel macchiato, but you know everytime you step foot in Starbucks your baby points at all of the sugary baked goods and then looks into your eyes pleadingly…you want to give in, but can’t bear the thought of feeding those to your child and ruining his tastes buds for natural sweetness forever. (What? This has never happened to you? It will!) Well I have great news- you no longer have to fret, feel guilty, or give up your fix. Starbucks has recently started carrying Peter Rabbit Organics Mango, Banana and Orange Pure Fruit Snack Pouches) and your baby will LOVE them! You just twist off the top, and they happily start slurping away with delight. On a recent trip to Roswell, NM, where it’s hard to find organic healthy snacks I discovered them, so I promptly bought their whole inventory. This is something to keep in mind when traveling, especially to small towns. THANK YOU STARBUCKS!

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