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Chocolate for Coughs

I just read the most exciting news about health and healing ever.

There is an article on Dr. Alan Greene’s website about a study that was done using dark chocolate to treat a cough! YES- you read right. In it, researchers discovered that chocolate works better than codeine for relieving a cough.   It only takes about 2 ounces for an adult to reap the benefits, and one ounce for a child.

If you’ve been around my son lately, or ever, you know how much he loves chocolate and how he chants about it and asks for it all the time.  We have been giving him dark chocolate since he’s been on solid food, and he loves the bitter taste and subtle sweetness. We recently found a 91% cacao chocolate bar that he loves!

toddler loves chocolate

He has a cough now, and I’m heading to Whole Foods to buy that chocolate. He’ll be so happy with his “medicine” tonight!