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Ice Pop Joy

Receiving a copy of Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter for review was one of the best things that could have happened to me this spring!

First of all, my son LOVES popsicles, and asks for them constantly.  I have had a hard time finding store bought pops that have quality ingredients, and the recipes I’ve tried haven’t been that exciting.  Secondly, I am very pregnant- which in my case means I am really hot, all the time.  What could be better than an entire book devoted to “Organic, Healthy, Fresh and Delicious” Ice Pops?

Organic, Fresh Tasty Delicious Ice Pops

“I wrote this book for parents who stay awake at night worried that their children aren’t getting enough protein or veggies because their kids flat out refuse to eat them.  As a mom, I’ve had those concerns and know how frustrating it can be to try to get kids to eat something when they’re not in the mood,” said Daulter. “We need as many tools in our parenting bag as we can get.”

She definitely delivers on the tools! Daulter opens the book with suggestions on how to get your children to eat healthy foods, including:

  • Don’t hide ingredients from them
  • Have your children help choose the ingredients you will use
  • Keep offering veggies many times, even if they reject them at first

Daulter is so creative with her recipes, and the book is organized into chapters according to the main ingredients- which include Veggie Pops, Herbal Tea Pops, Tofu Pops and Chocolate Pops to name a few.

Every recipe I tried was easy to use, and resulted in a delicious ice pop! One of our favorites (so far!) is the Pink Princess.  We took the bounty of our strawberry picking adventure and put it to good use!

Strawberry Ice Pops

They are delicious!

Another favorite was the Ice Pops for Breakfast.  How fun it was to wake up one morning and ask my son if he’d like to have a popsicle for breakfast! He looked at me like I was the most wonderful person in the world. (That right there was worth every second it took to make those pops, which wasn’t very long!)

Almond Butter PopsiclesBanana Yogurt Popsicles

The book also includes a valuable resource and reference section- listing online sources for the ingredients and further nutritional information.

The photos themselves are so beautifully shot, that looking at each page makes me want to whip up that particular pop right then and there.

I love Ice Pop Joy. Thanks Anni, for another great book!

You can find Anni Daulter at Conscious Family Living.   She has also written a wonderful baby food making book- Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers.

Ice Pop Joy

I’m so excited, because Anni Daulter sent me a copy of her new book Ice Pop Joy for review.

My son wakes up every morning asking for popsicles, so this week I will be making a variety of ice pops from her book, and then reporting back next week!

It looks fabulous- the photographs are amazing, and the recipes all look delicious.  I can’t wait to try them, especially the breakfast pops (who wouldn’t want to eat a popsicle for breakfast?) and the entire section devoted to CHOCOLATE!

My son will be an active participant in all of the ice pop making, so hopefully I can pass along ideas I learn from this experience.  We’re going strawberry picking today, so we will definitely be making lots of strawberry pops!

Stay tuned!

Ice Pop Joy