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Is You Baby Getting Enough Iron?

If he’s shunning the taste of iron fortified food, or in my case babyfood all together, here’s an easy solution:

Cook in cast iron pots and pans!  They don’t contain the toxic ingredients of non-stick pans, and will impart some iron right into the food.  The company I like best is Lodge Cast Iron, and not just because it’s from Tennessee. It is family owned and operated and has been for over 100 years, and is a green company- recycling cardboard, reusing foundry sand, and planting trees.  I love eco-responsibility!
When you’re postpartum and in need of extra iron yourself, have someone cook for you in cast iron. It’s great for breastfeeding moms too- We’ll take extra nutrients wherever we can get ’em.

Here’s a recipe the whole family can enjoy (even your older baby!): Continue reading Is You Baby Getting Enough Iron?