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Good Enough For Baby?

Every time I put anything in my mouth, my 13 month old wants a bite or a sip.  I always try to give him one because I don’t want him to differentiate between what I eat and what I feed him, and I plan on having a “no kid food” policy in our home.  However many times I catch myself withholding something from him because I don’t want him eating or drinking it.  Examples- white flour products, sugary scones, iced decaf coffee, red wine, chips- you get the picture.  I have to ask myself why I will put something in my body that I won’t give my child.  I’m challenging myself this week to only consume things that I will let him try (and I’ll save the wine for after he goes to bed!).  I don’t want to squelch his curiosity and excitement for new foods, and I will radically clean up my diet at the same time.  After all, Continue reading Good Enough For Baby?

Is You Baby Getting Enough Iron?

If he’s shunning the taste of iron fortified food, or in my case babyfood all together, here’s an easy solution:

Cook in cast iron pots and pans!  They don’t contain the toxic ingredients of non-stick pans, and will impart some iron right into the food.  The company I like best is Lodge Cast Iron, and not just because it’s from Tennessee. It is family owned and operated and has been for over 100 years, and is a green company- recycling cardboard, reusing foundry sand, and planting trees.  I love eco-responsibility!
When you’re postpartum and in need of extra iron yourself, have someone cook for you in cast iron. It’s great for breastfeeding moms too- We’ll take extra nutrients wherever we can get ’em.

Here’s a recipe the whole family can enjoy (even your older baby!): Continue reading Is You Baby Getting Enough Iron?

Real Food for Mother and Baby

If you’re a new mom and are about to tackle the daunting task of feeding your baby solid foods, you probably have many questions about how to do it. When do I start? What do I feed him/her first? What about food allergies? … Sound familiar? To add to your anxiety, if you read almost anything in print about feeding your baby solids, you will be faced with many strict rules about consistency and 4 day waiting and what to introduce first, etc. Well, Nina Planck’s new book, Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods
will help you relax. Continue reading Real Food for Mother and Baby