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Teres Kids

I am thrilled to share a fabulous children’s clothing find with you.

A friend recently told me about a wonderful company called Teres Kids.  I checked out their website and was very impressed. The clothes are all 100% organic, and made in the USA.  From their website:

“Our clothing is sourced and manufactured entirely in the United States, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We started Teres Kids to create simple beautiful clothes for active kids. By eliminating all the things that make kids uncomfortable, like itchy seams, tags and rough fabrics, we can help all children be comfy and stay active.”

They sent me an outfit for my son for review, and these clothes are really outstanding.  The material is soft, comfortable, and perfect for a toddler’s active lifestyle.  They are also great for sensitive children, as there are no tags to cut out.

Teres Kids 100% OrganicTeres Kids

My son wore his shorts and t-shirt the day after we received them, and has worn the shorts almost every day since.  We love them because they are nice and long, so they protect his knees from the many trips he has throughout the day.

Organic Clothing

The shirt is great too- he gets lots of compliments on the fish design, and I absolutely love that color on him.  They have many other adorable graphics you have to see.  The girls clothes are also super cute!

One issue I always have with organic t-shirts is how thin the material is, so we end up with lots of holes.  Not so with Teres Kids!  They fabric is thick and durable and “woven in a family-owned mill in South Carolina that dates back to the early 1900s and is dedicated to organic, sustainable operations.”

The other test with organic clothes is how well they hold up in the washing machine.  Well, we’ve washed the shorts 3 times and they still look as great as they did the day we received them.  He dripped a chocolate popsicle all over the front of them one day and sat in white paint another, and both stains washed out completely.

Teres Kids

Need some great new clothes for your kids for summer?  You’re in for a treat- head over to Teres Kids to check out their amazing line!