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How to Donate to Children With Hair Loss

I did it again!
children with hair loss

Chopped off 10 inches of my hair.

This time I am honored to send it to Children With Hair Loss

If you have hair to donate, it’s super easy. They require 8 inches, but the longer the better because little girls always request long hair for wigs. Knowing this made me want to cut off as much as possible.

I took a ruler so my awesome stylist Mandy Ward could measure the right amount, then she put a rubber band on it, braided it and then added another rubber band to the end. I made sure to have a plastic bag with me to store it in, and then I put it in an envelope and sent it off to Children With Hair Loss. children with hair loss

how to donate hair

I once had a hairstylist on a modeling job say to the client, “next time, let’s not get a model with five heads of hair on one head.” (He was frustrated with the amount of time it took to blow out my thick hair, and had to blame something!)

I think of that comment often, and today I hope he was right. I truly hope it will be possible to turn my ten-inch braid into wigs for five precious little girls.