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Good Enough For Baby?

Every time I put anything in my mouth, my 13 month old wants a bite or a sip.  I always try to give him one because I don’t want him to differentiate between what I eat and what I feed him, and I plan on having a “no kid food” policy in our home.  However many times I catch myself withholding something from him because I don’t want him eating or drinking it.  Examples- white flour products, sugary scones, iced decaf coffee, red wine, chips- you get the picture.  I have to ask myself why I will put something in my body that I won’t give my child.  I’m challenging myself this week to only consume things that I will let him try (and I’ll save the wine for after he goes to bed!).  I don’t want to squelch his curiosity and excitement for new foods, and I will radically clean up my diet at the same time.  After all, Continue reading Good Enough For Baby?