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Organic Christmas Tree Farm Adventure

I’m a firm believer in including children in everything we do, because it helps them to learn more about where things come from, how they are made, etc., it helps them appreciate things many of us take for granted, and it makes life more fun for everyone!

We had quite the experience last weekend, as we took our two year old on his first cut your own Christmas tree adventure.

We found our tree farm on the great website Pick Your Own.  We have used that website to locate farms where we can pick our own apples, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, and pumpkins.   It’s so fun to see the excitement on my son’s face when he “finds” what we are there to pick.  They also have great tips and recipes.

We were thrilled to find a tree farm close to us that uses all organic practices to grow their trees and for pest control.  They also have some trees that are specifically for those with allergies.

We found the perfect tree!

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

This was my husband’s first time chopping down a Christmas tree, and I have to admit, he made it look very easy  I’m sure it was because he had so much help…

Organic Christmas Tree Farm

Did I mention it is 9 feet tall?  We went for a 6 footer, but couldn’t pass up this beauty.

cut down your own christmas tree

I’ll leave the comedy of errors we had  getting it home to your imagination.