Ten Ways To Stop the Crying in the Car Seat

Well now I’ve come to the realization that I have a 2nd child who hates riding in the car.  He cries the minute we start driving, and doesn’t calm down.

On Sunday I ventured out on my own with my baby for the first time. I wasn’t going far, and thought maybe if he couldn’t see me he wouldn’t give me that look as if to say- “how could you do this to me??? Get me out of here!”

He cried harder than he ever has in his whole life (all 8 weeks of it), and didn’t stop for the full 15 minutes I was driving- except to take a deep breath for a louder cry.

So I decided to find out what other moms of car seat hating children have done. Even though it seems like every other baby on the planet does nothing but sleep peacefully in their car seats, I was relieved to find out this is a very common issue. One community message board thread had 304 posts from moms offering tips and advice on what has worked for them.

I read through most of them and there were lots of repeated tips- dvd players, pacifiers, rolling the back windows down.  But here is the list of my favorites, and the things I plan on trying.

  • Photos of my husband’s face enlarged to 8×10 and laminated. I tape them to the backseat so that my son can look at the smiling face while he’s in his carseat. (Ha! I find this funny, but am going to do it anyway)
  • Taking short rides everyday to help him learn that he is ok and car rides are going to be a part of his life. (I prefer this one to the person who decided to stay home for a year until she could turn the seat around.)
  • Making sure baby has a full stomach before leaving home
  • Getting an adjustment at the chiropractor- maybe it’s an alignment issue
  • Using a Swaddle Me (which is car seat approved) so baby can’t claw at his face while crying, and also to cut down on the Moro reflex
  • Playing a white noise cd- I ordered For Crying Out Loud!. It had many mentions on the message board, and rave reviews on Amazon.
  • Folding a receiving blanket and wrapping it around his belly then put him in the car seat (not sure why this will work, but will try)
  • Fisher Price Precious Planet Deluxe Auto Mirror with Music
  • Playing a few songs at home over and over and dancing to them with baby, then playing those same songs in the car
  • Softer car seat cover made with moisture wicking fabric

Stay tuned for which ones work! And PLEASE, if you have tips yourself, share them with me!

4 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Stop the Crying in the Car Seat”

  1. maybe add wine and ear plugs to the list ? 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh this is so helpful! I have the same problem and didn’t think there was anything I could do. I never thought to research it, and now you have done it for me. Thank you so much. I hope these work for you. 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth- We have had success, especially with the For Crying Out Loud cd, readjusting his car seat, and buying him a snuzzler! I hope you find success soon too!

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