The Best Thing I Packed In My Hospital Bag

My labor and delivery went fast.


Like I was still dressed in street clothes, SHOES and giant earrings fast.

So my sister was laughing thinking about all the care I took packing my hospital bag, assuming I had no time to use any of it before the baby came. But two things I used immediately.

The first thing my husband did when they put me in the room was hook up his phone to our Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. I love music and he knows how much that helps me during labor.

And he also put up a string of white Christmas lights for ambient lighting and as a focal point for me. It cast a soft glow in the room and made such a difference. Everything else- the lollipops, lip balm, hair ties, essential oils, everything, went out the window.

Then as I was moved into my recovery room, we set up the lights on the unused IV stand next to the hospital bed, and turned off all the other lights.

ambient light in hospital

Every nurse and doctor who came in commented on what a great idea those lights were, as flipping on the harsh lights to check on me or the baby was comopletely unnecessary.

The first few hours and days are so amazing and sweet, and those lights added to the magic.

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  1. What a beautiful idea – never heard or thought of that…

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