Time To Travel with Two!

Up to this point, we have had huge success traveling and flying with our 3 year old. I lost track of the number of planes he has been on, but I know it’s over thirty. The time has come to see what kind of traveler his 4 month old brother is, and how his parents handle flying with two kids.
I recently read a really good tip about traveling by Marcy from (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish
“Adults, you may not want to hear this, but you need to police yourself. Don’t complain about a delay, a gruff waiter, or a cup of coffee that’s not perfect. If kids hear you complaining, before you know it everyone will be feeling negative. Keep the mood positive by keeping the complaints to yourself.”
This made me realize I spend so much time worrying about the kids that I give little thought to the person whose actions I actually have control over- mine.
So this weekend I will be practicing lots of patience and taking many deep breaths. And I’ll probably have a couple of surprises up my sleeve.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Time To Travel with Two!”

  1. Have you seen the Ride On Carry On? It is the coolest small kid travel tool. Its a little chair that you attach to your rolling carry on suitcase. They can sit in it while you walk through the airport and even ride right onto the plane. It has a little tray for them to eat or play with toys or look at books. Once you’re on the plane, you just fold the chair up flat against your suitcase and put it in the overhead bin. I plan on getting one for our first trip with my 15 month old. Very cool invention! happy travels!

  2. I needed that yesterday! I had my 6 month old in a sling, but my 3 year old was walking with me and we had to change terminals and he was tired and I was traveling without my husband so it was chaos! Thanks for the tip!

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