What Is Unbromated Flour?

by Holly on February 23, 2010

Is there no end to what we have to watch out for on food labels? Apparently not- and if you care about your health, you will continue to read every ingredient. Sadly, it’s up to us to avoid substances that are known to cause cancer, since the FDA knowingly allows these additives in our “food” supply. (Why the quotes, you ask? Because most of the stuff sold in supermarkets with a label for us to read barely passes as food, and your body certainly has a hard time living off of it!)

Here’s the mystery of the day: Have you ever wondered why natural food stores carry products made with “unbromated wheat flour?” Because potassium bromate is an additive used in most commercial flour and baked goods. It’s cheap to add this toxin that creates stronger dough, and helps bread rise higher and look whiter. It’s also a human carcinogen.

That’s right, it causes cancer.

Most countries (even China!) have banned its use but not ours! In theory it will be baked out of food products as long as the temperature is high enough and the right amount is used. Of course this doesn’t always happen, and we are left with a carcinogenic residue that we unknowingly put in our bodies.

Well, now we know. Only consume products containing flour if it’s unbromated! If you’re unsure, eat something else.

PS- many fast food places use potassium bromate in their buns. I don’t like to name names, so you might as well avoid them all!

It’s up to us, not the governmental agencies, to make real change in this country. So vote with your dollar and your fork.

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