What Is Unbromated Flour?

Is there no end to what we have to watch out for on food labels? Apparently not- and if you care about your health, you will continue to read every ingredient. Sadly, it’s up to us to avoid substances that are known to cause cancer, since the FDA knowingly allows these additives in our “food” supply. (Why the quotes, you ask? Because most of the stuff sold in supermarkets with a label for us to read barely passes as food, and your body certainly has a hard time living off of it!)

Here’s the mystery of the day: Have you ever wondered why natural food stores carry products made with “unbromated wheat flour?” Because potassium bromate is an additive used in most commercial flour and baked goods. It’s cheap to add this toxin that creates stronger dough, and helps bread rise higher and look whiter. It’s also a human carcinogen.

That’s right, it causes cancer.

Most countries (even China!) have banned its use but not ours! In theory it will be baked out of food products as long as the temperature is high enough and the right amount is used. Of course this doesn’t always happen, and we are left with a carcinogenic residue that we unknowingly put in our bodies.

Well, now we know. Only consume products containing flour if it’s unbromated! If you’re unsure, eat something else.

PS- many fast food places use potassium bromate in their buns. I don’t like to name names, so you might as well avoid them all!

It’s up to us, not the governmental agencies, to make real change in this country. So vote with your dollar and your fork.

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  1. Thank you very much for your information. I too have to read and read labels again, even if I am buying the same product; because, it could have been modified since the last time I bought it.

  2. Thank you very much for this information. I spend so much more time at the supermarket now a days, since I have to read all labels and constantly educate myself. Thanks for helping me save my family!

  3. Hi Pete- your bakery looks great! Next time I’m in the area I’m going to come in and try some yummy treats!

  4. Hi!! You should have a like button for your articles. I would love to post this to my Facebook site for other mothers to read!! It would probably get you more likes to your page as well.

  5. saw this flour at the health food section of the market and decided to try it to make cookies–turned out great! now i have read what it is on your website and i am glad i tried it.

  6. Thank you!
    Yet another food additive to avoid. Hydrogenated oils (oils boiled to a high heat and added metals), sugar and refined wheat are all on our do not eat list. Food industry keeping cancer research and medical industry booming.

  7. Another one to avoid…genetically modified food (GMO).

  8. I wanted to know what unbromated flour was because I bought sourdough bread and that was the ingredient. Thanks for the info about it….

  9. I had no idea that unbrominated was bad for you.
    I’m gluten sensitive anyway so I rarely eat bread or noodles or cookies. I’ve tried many different ways to eat bread or noodles it’s not a good reaction the next day or night.

    Thank you for your insight and website


  10. So you are saying the unbromated flour is safe to use….

  11. Avena Lock

    It’s not unbromated flour that is bad for human consumption it is bromate flour that is chemically treated to aged the flour.

    So, look for Unbromated and Unbleached flour!

    Just wanted to make sure you got that right and understood that

  12. I am interested in knowing non-wheat flours that are unbromated? Is Organic the only way to be sure to avoid bromide?
    Thank you,

  13. okay Pepperidge Farm Unbromated unbleached
    enriched wheat flour.

    Many other ingredients but I have zero’d in on in
    the Oatmeal bread.
    Any comments…good or bad?

  14. Thank you Holly so much for this information. I had no idea. I am going to be looking for a malted barley flour. Will it state in the ingredients if it is unbromated? Any information you can provide about barley flour will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

  15. Thank you for your information. I have always chosen the unbromated. Is King Arthur flour safe. It says unbromated.

  16. Hello, Holly

    I recently finished radiation therapy for breast cancer. I also had cancer three years ago. Thank you SO much for your advice about unbromated wheat flour. I will never buy it again. I noticed that it comes with the more expensive breads, so I thought it was “better”. I have really learned a lesson. Thank you so much.

    Mary Ann

  17. I just came across this article and thought I would add a plug for our bakery. I hope that is allowed. We use only unbleached, unbromated flour. We are located in Denver, Colorado. We do farmers markets in Colorado, Wyoming, and one in Nebraska. We do festivals in many western states. I thank you so much for helping to bring this to the attention of the public. We need to start asking questions about what we are being fed.

  18. In looking up if unbromated flour is better to eat breads made with it. It seems people are confused. some comments say you said it is a good choice, yet others say they are grateful to learn from your comments that is not good for you. Would you please clarify. Thank you!

  19. OMG I can’t thank you enough. I always considerd myself pretty educated. This blew my mind!

  20. I just found out about how healthy unbromated Bread is, I buy it at an Amish food mart in franklinpk ill.. 9711 w. Grand ave. Everything ther is organic and supper healthy, especially their eggs and meats. Visit them asap. Vince luisi

  21. Hello, I am looking for a list of brands, both bread and flour, that are non-bromated. Do you have this anywhere on your site? Thanks.

  22. The title of this article is confusing-half of the respondents now think that unbromated flour is bad-unbromated flour is what you want! It does NOT contain potassium bromate, which is bad for you. I have been baking with King Arthur flour for years, which is unbromated and unbleached-Good for you!

  23. Thank you! I have been diagnosed with a gluten allergy but because ” gluten free” breads, rolls, etc are so very expensive I have searched different bread products and found the term ” unbromated” is a bread product that does not cause the very uncomfortable side effects of diahrrea and gas!
    So please tell me is my body reacting to the gluten or to the carcinogen! In other bread products!!!

  24. Hello! Just wanted to clarify- you only want to buy flour that is unbromated. Congrats on your healing journey!

  25. Hi Debbie! Yes it will state in the ingredients “unbromated flour.”

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