UPDATE: Traveling With Toddler

Just thought you’d like to know how the 8 hour flight went with the new trick I learned…it couldn’t have gone better!  He was an absolute prince.  He only slept about 2 hours ( I knew the 3 hour nap was too much to ask for) but while he was awake he was very excited to open his new gifts one by one, and played with each for quite a long time.

I felt a little awkward when the guy in the seat next to me said, “another present?” as I pulled out his 3rd one..I hadn’t thought about how this might look to others.  In that moment this feeling washed over me that I was really spoiling my child.  But that only lasted for about 1 second as I saw the joy on his face and remembered my mantras of not worrying what others think about the way I parent, and especially not explaining myself or making excuses for my child.  So I just smiled and said to him, “Hey- as long as he’s happy the rest of us will be too!” Little did he know that I had 5 more in my bag that we didn’t need!  I’ll be saving those for our next flight.

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