Use Your Baby’s Lotion!

It is really important to use natural, organic, plant based skin care products while you’re pregnant, because your skin is drinking in everything you put on it and passing it to your unborn baby.  To check the safety of your products go to the Cosmetic Database and find out if they contain any chemicals that cause birth defects or cancer, or disrupt hormones.  It’s such an eye-opening search!

Of course when your baby is born, you’ll only want to use the purest products available to put on his new skin which is 5 times more sensitive than an adult’s.  And remember- he’s absorbing everything you use!  Most, if not all, conventional products contain toxic substances not safe for a baby’s precious new system-see previous post.  It’s still important for you to use non-toxic soaps, bodywashes and lotions that won’t irritate her skin, or her strong sense of smell.   My solution?  Use your baby’s products on yourself!  It takes the guesswork out of whether or not it is safe for baby, saves time at the store (and space in your bathroom!), and your skin will love you for it.

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