Who Says the Firstborn gets Special Treatment?

Things my first child consumed in his first year:

Organic Sweet potato
Organic winter Squash
Organic Avocado
Organic Banana
Organic mango
Organic watermelon
Organic papaya
Organic oatmeal
Organic brown rice, pureed to perfection
Organic green peas
Organic zucchini
Organic egg yolk
Organic grass fed beef
Organic yogurt
Organic puffs, Oatios, teething biscuits…on occasion

You get the picture

Things my second child consumed in his first year:

A little of all of the above, PLUS,

Hot pink play dough
Plastic Beads
Strawberry milkshake (swiped from big brother)
Red M&M (fed by big brother)
Dark chocolate
Sip of beer (covertly snuck the bottle when we were having friends over for dinner)
Googly eye
Red Pom Pom (think Rudolph nose)
Blue Glitter (evidenced during diaper change)
Elmer’s school glue
Non toxic dish washing liquid
Sidewalk chalk
Orange peel
Banana peel
Tangerine seed
Toilet paper
Paper towel
Paper from straw wrapper
The tip off of almost every crayon he’s ever held

How lucky is he???

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