Wrap It Up

Everyone knows how much I love babywearing, so people always ask me which baby carrier is my favorite. I have a couple of ring slings, two pouch type slings, an Ergo carrier and a Moby wrap.

I always encourage moms to try a few different types out and choose the one (or ones) that you and your baby like. Yes, babies have opinions about this- my baby doesn’t like the one my older son loved! As long as the baby isn’t facing out (which provides too much stimulation and does not offer the baby the comfort of retreating into the parent to shut out the confusing world), his chin isn’t tucked into his chest and you don’t feel any discomfort in your neck, shoulders or back, then it just comes down to preference. I like each one for different reasons and at different times.

Currently at three months, my favorite is the Moby Wrap . It’s hard to figure out how to use, but it is worth the effort. Get another mom to show you or ask someone at a baby boutique. That’s what I did after weeks of frustration trying to make it work. I love that thing. And to think it once ended up in the trash chute.

Recently when my husband was out of town I put the baby in the Moby and cooked dinner, fed my 3 year old, washed the dishes, gave the 3 year old a haircut, nail trimming, and bath, loaded him into his pj’s, read him 2 books and got him into bed all while my 3 month old slept peacefully in his wrap.

And as I discovered yesterday at the playground, I can play too while wearing him!

Moby Wrap

Who needs a baby swing when you’ve got one of these?

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