Back to school time! Unless your child goes to one of those schools with the amazing school lunch program, he’ll be better off with a homemade lunch from you. There is a lot of waste to be made with all of those plastic baggies, but there is a solution!

I recently received a Wrap-N-Mat sandwich wrap and snack pouch and they are such great products!

My son is not in school yet, but we still have picnics in the park and lunch on-the-go, and these mats are great. They wrap up the food nicely, and also serve as a place mat (with fun designs your child will love!) while you’re eating.

From the website:
“The environmentally-friendly re-usable Wraps and Pouches also serve as a place mat providing a clean eating surface anywhere!

The WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps and Snack Pouches were developed and patented with a plastic liner that cleans up completely without any fabric weave or pores that can harvest bacteria.

Unlike a bag, our WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps and Snack Pouches do not need to be inverted to be cleaned but rather lay flat to clean easily.
Say good-bye to wasteful plastic sandwich bags and hello to saving money and the planet.”

For more information, please visit Wrap-N-Mat.

Think about all of the plastic you can avoid by using these pouches!

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  1. funny, I was thinking about making something similar for Noah for school lunch. As I was doing my research I found that many of the pouches on the market are made without food safe materials. Do you know what the wrap-n-mats are made with?

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