Integrative Mom provides relevant and targeted holistic nutrition and lifestyle information to moms giving them the resources, recommendations, and encouragement needed to take responsibility for their health and the health of their families.

“Integrative Mom is a place for mothers doing their best to raise their children in an environment free from toxins, chemicals, pollutants, or artificial anything with a focus on nutrition, but are fine sometimes settling for a conventional product when it’s all that works.  The site will be a connecting point to discuss topics of interest for moms passionate about natural health and living, or just trying to figure it all out.”

Holly Shore Model on the cover of American Baby Magazine
Holly on the Cover of American Baby Magazine

About Holly: My venture into holistic living was a process which began by growing up in New Mexico and spending my summers in Hawaii. (Lots of influence in those places!) After college I entered into a whirlwind career as a fashion model traveling throughout Europe before landing in New York City for more than a decade. I currently live in Austin, TX with my husband Jeremy and two young sons.

Holly Schenck Model

I was faced with many challenges to living a healthy lifestyle and over the years I realized how the crazy late nights, early mornings call times, multiple time zones, and unhealthy habits were affecting my physical, mental and spiritual health. This led me further on my search for balance, healing and whole-living, so I went back to school and studied to become a Holistic Health Counselor.  I received specialized training in health counseling through Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in New York City.

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All of my experiences over the years have brought me to the place I am now- a baby wearing, breastfeeding, organic loving, green building living, attachment parenting, slow/ waldorf inspired/holistic/integrative mom.

holly schenck model
I am here to share my passion with other moms and help you understand that living a natural and holistic lifestyle while also living in the real world is attainable- and no matter where you are on your journey, you are welcome here! It’s never too late, and it can be very easy. Seriously- If you knew me 10 years ago and told me I’d one day have two totally natural, drug-free childbirths, I’d think you were insane! It is indeed a process, and one that continues…

What People Are Saying About Integrative Mom:

“This is a wonderful website. I am happy to hear that you are encouraging mothers to care for themselves with alternative / integrative approaching to health. I am a mother of 4 unvaccinated children. I may be a little more out there than most but I have been very happy with my choice. they have been rather healthy unless of course they get a little too much sugar from school one day. If more families start encouraging other families, than we would not feel so alone when we make alternative choices.”

Baltimore, MD

“Holly is a baby wearing, breastfeeding, organic loving, green building living, attachment parenting, slow/ waldorf inspired/holistic/integrative mom. WOW…she is also an inspiration. Coming from the “no guilt” angle that we do here at the perch; we are excited to gain from her wisdom, teaching without the feeling of being lesser then! Holly is so kind and simply passionate about all that she has become. We need more women who mentor us through blogging as she does.

Thank you Holly for teaching and gently guiding us into a natural, holistic lifestyle which is better for Mom, baby and the planet!”

-The Blessed Nest Perch

“Holly Shore’s blog is a wealth of information for holistic nutrition and parenting. Her approach is all natural and her advice is incredibly useful and practical. Holly listens to her readers questions and always replies with well-researched and thoughtful answers. She writes about a wide range of topics from fertility, prenatal care to nutrition for breastfeeding moms. Lots and lots of good stuff. Holly is an expert in holistic nutrition and a wise parent with lots of great tips.

In my personal life, Holly helped me figure out how to feed my whole family healthy foods so I wouldn’t have to cook “kid food” anymore. Be sure to check out the “Ask Holly” section if you have specific questions of your own. I’ve found this site to be an invaluable resource! Enjoy!”

Austin, TX

“thanks for all the good info you provide on your blog! I just love it– and just wanted you to know you have a loyal follower with a 2 year old”

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  1. Wow! So glad to find your site. I am really into the slow parenting movement (is there one?). Lots of overlaps with your style.

  2. Okay I feel like you have to meet this woman Eliza who does holistic therapy


    I had met her over a year ago at a playground on the other side of town and we totally clicked but I assumed I’d never see her again – and then 2 weeks ago I saw her in our local playground – turns out she moved 3 blocks from us – she is doing this awesome healing energy stuff…move back to NYC…let’s start a simple/ natural moms collective…or just talk about it…

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