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Kid-Friendly Chili Recipe

Most Saturday mornings, you can find us at one of the many farmer’s markets around town. Our 2 year old has been going since he was 6 weeks old, and is quite at home there. (In fact, anytime I ask him what he wants to do today, he says, “Go to Farmer’s Market!”)

Lately he has been very involved in the shopping process, as he loves to pick out the veggies, take them to the farmer and then hand over the money. It’s fun to see him so excited about buying fresh vegetables, and it is our hope that this is building a strong, healthy foundation for a lifelong love of nutritious food.

image of organic kid friendly chili

This past week, we bought some delicious sweet potatoes, onions, carrots and kale for use in the soups we love to make in the fall. I find that soup is the best way to get my son to eat lots of veggies.

Since the weather is turning cooler, I was craving chili, but knew I had to make a “non-spicy” (in other words no chili powder) chili. This is what I came up with:

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Don’t Underestimate What Your Baby Will Eat!

I am so surprised by some of the flavors and tastes my baby likes. Raw turnips?  Have you ever tried them?  Hummus with tons of raw garlic?  Straight tahini?  I marvel when he opens his mouth for more. The key now is to try to continue with this exploratory mode he’s in and not fall into a rut of “easy” things to serve. Peeling a banana is so much easier than steaming or sauteeing fresh fruits and veggies, but I don’t want to miss this “excited about flavors and new foods” window so I’m trying to think beyond my idea of normal too. I would have never thought to eat a turnip raw, or a turnip at all for that matter. But since a farmer at last weekend’s market handed my husband a raw turnip, my son quickly opened his mouth for a taste. He loved it, so steamed turnips are on the menu this week! The average American eats 4 different types of vegetables and I don’t even want to tell you that two of them are potatoes and tomatoes- yes, you guessed it, fries and ketchup. There are hundreds of different types and varieties in the world so we need to expand our vegetable repertoire. Continue reading Don’t Underestimate What Your Baby Will Eat!