I am a HUGE proponent of baby wearing, and I have no less than 5 different types of slings/carriers.  I found that they all worked really well at different times.  There are SO many out there to choose from- all that matters is that you use one and carry your baby!  Find one that you are comfortable with and that works for you and your baby.  Please avoid any carrier that has the baby facing out-  this can be very damaging to a newborn, since it provides way too much stimulation and does not offer the baby the comfort of retreating into the parent to shut out the confusing world.   

  • Peanut Shell  I found this pouch type carrier to work well while my baby was a newborn until he was 4 months old.  He slept so comfortably in it, and as soon as he developed head control and wanted to sit up, we moved on to the:
  • Moby Wrap  What an amazing contraption!  Don’t be discouraged by the seemingly endless piece of fabric.  Have someone show you how to put it on, and you and your baby will love it. 
  • Ergo Baby  A must have for any parent.  The Ergo carrier works best when the baby is comfortable sitting in a splayed leg position- mine started at 8 months.  I have an extra large baby, and at 15 months and 30 pounds, this is still our main carrier!  It distributes the weight evenly throughout the hips and shoulders, and I have worn my baby for 3 hours at a time without the slightest back ache. 

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