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The Magic of Breast Milk



I wonder if Jacques Blanchard endured media outrage when he painted “Charity” circa 1634?

But I digress…

Breast Milk is a miracle. The more it is studied, the more is discovered about the way it nourishes our babies (and older children!). Over the course of the breastfeeding relationship, the nutrient profile changes and adapts to the growing nursling’s needs.

The day my newborn baby arrived, my 2 year old had a hacking cough- the worst one he’d ever had. When the lactation consultant paid us a visit, I asked her how I should handle nursing my 2 year old without exposing my new baby to the virus causing the cough.

Do I need to wash the nipples between use? Assign a specific breast to each child? Continue reading The Magic of Breast Milk

Let Them Eat Dirt

Is there anything more endearing than a boy playing in the dirt? Before I had boys I would have said, “Yes, lots of things.” But now I have two snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails and I am in Heaven.

I am amazed how soon the fascination begins- as soon as my baby began crawling, he sped to the nearest potted plant to do some digging.

As much as I want to discourage this and reach for the hand sanitizer, I can think of at least three good reasons to let them play in the dirt- and maybe even eat a little of it too.
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In The News: Papaya for Cancer Treatment

Researchers have found that papaya leaf extract has dramatic tumor-fighting properties against breast and cervical cancer.papaya

University of Florida researcher Nam Dang along with researchers at The University of Tokyo documented papaya’s anticancer effect in a report published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

Dang used an extract made from dried papaya leaves, and the stronger the extract, the better the results.    This is exciting news because the papaya extract did not have any toxic effects on normal cells, avoiding a common and dangerous side effect of many cancer therapy regimens.

Dang and his colleagues in Tokyo showed that papaya leaf extract boosts the production of cytokines which help regulate the immune system.

Papaya has been used as a remedy for a variety of ailments in many parts of the world for centuries.  This study focuses on the leaves, but the fruit is delicious and full of beta carotene and digestive enzymes.  Eat it while pregnant to avoid constipation.

It also makes a great first food for babies!