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Honest Diapers Review

I absolutely love when a celebrity uses his or her power for good.

I’m sure Jessica Alba never in a million years thought she’d be in the diaper business. But when she had a baby and didn’t like the diapering options available to her, she started The Honest Company and made her own.

From the website: ”

The Honest Company

About The Honest Company

The Honest Company provides effective, safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products to families looking for a better solution that’s safe for their kids and the planet.

One of the core goals of The Honest Company is to create a happy, healthy future for today’s children and families. We are very proud be an active member of the B Corp community of like-minded organizations who are dedicated to making a profound difference in community, safeguarding people & the planet, and making efforts to be better businesses.

The Honest Company was started by a mom and a dad who, like many modern parents, had become increasingly concerned about poorly regulated products laden with questionable chemical ingredients. But, the alternatives they found were often expensive, inaccessible, bland, or ineffective.

In response to this clear need for something better, they created The Honest Company to ensure that parents have access to non-toxic, eco- friendly, beautiful family products that don’t break the bank.”

I ordered the sample pack and was instantly sold. THESE are the disposable diapers I have been in search of since my first baby. Completely non-toxic and safe for baby, yet totally soft and comfortable.

And they work- we experienced no leaks whatsoever. The fact that they are super cute is a bonus.

After I received my sample pack, I was automatically enrolled in the subscription service.

At first glance I thought it seemed a little pricey, but then I added up what I currently spend on diapers and wipes and realized it is the same amount.

And I don’t have to think about it now- because every month I’ll be receiving this shipment which is packaged so well it makes me happy just opening it:

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

inside box of honest diapers by jessica alba

I have tried over 9 different brands of disposable diapers, 5 different types of cloth and one hybrid design and I can honestly say these are my favorite diapers.

honest diapers by jessica alba




Personalized Puzzle Stool

I was on a gift hunt for my toddler and wanted to give him something that was useful, would last, and keep his attention for more than 2 seconds.  I did lots of research and decided to get him a wooden stool with his name carved in it as a puzzle. (He’ll need it soon enough to reach the sink to wash his hands and brush his teeth!) I scoured the internet for one that was handmade in the U.S. with sustainable wood, and painted with non-toxic paint. I found the perfect stool!  It is sturdy and functional, and very beautifully handmade.

Puzzle Stool

He loves it!  He really enjoys seeing his name in letters, taking it apart, putting it back together, and most of all, climbing on it!

Everyone who has seen it has asked for information on where I bought it, so I thought I’d share with you too.  We all know someone who could use one of these.

It came from Cubby Hole Toys.  I heard from the owner that they have been making them for about 30 years now and are now doing stools for kids of kids who have them!

I’m so glad to have found such a great family owned, made in the USA, safe toy making company.

Use Your Baby’s Lotion!

It is really important to use natural, organic, plant based skin care products while you’re pregnant, because your skin is drinking in everything you put on it and passing it to your unborn baby.  To check the safety of your products go to the Cosmetic Database and find out if they contain any chemicals that cause birth defects or cancer, or disrupt hormones.  It’s such an eye-opening search!

Of course when your baby is born, you’ll only want to use the purest products available to put on his new skin which is 5 times more sensitive than an adult’s.  And remember- he’s absorbing everything you use!  Most, if not all, conventional products contain toxic substances not safe for a baby’s precious new system-see previous post.  It’s still important for you to use non-toxic soaps, bodywashes and lotions that won’t irritate her skin, or her strong sense of smell.   My solution?  Use your baby’s products on yourself!  It takes the guesswork out of whether or not it is safe for baby, saves time at the store (and space in your bathroom!), and your skin will love you for it.