Aviod Flu: Take Probiotics

Because 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract, it’s super important to keep your intestinal flora balanced. Probiotics are a healthy concentrated form of the good bacteria that line your gut. Take them to strengthen your immune system, especially if you’ve recently been on antibiotics.
Some food sources of beneficial bacteria:
Miso soup
Aged cheese

For a wealth of info on fermentation (which creates probiotics) and some great recipes, check out this amazing book!

One thought on “Aviod Flu: Take Probiotics”

  1. Holly, Thank you so much for your helping me figure out how to feed my family in a healthful way. I’ve seen such a significant improvement in Noah’s appetite. His energy level and mood have also improved; he’s like a new kid. Getting rid of all of that “kid food” has been surprisingly easy and affordable. I find that our grocery bills haven’t gone up at all since I’m buying whole foods, grains, veggies and fresh fish and meats instead of mac n cheese or chicken nuggets. It took about three days before the kids forgot about milk and juice and started asking for real food and healthy snacks like apples and carrots and smoothies. Every night at dinner the boys say “Mom this is the BEST dinner in the whole world!” I’m not exaggerating. They are as thrilled as I am! Thanks for all of the tips!

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