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2017 Noonday Sample Sale

Click here to go directly to my Sample Sale!
UPDATED AUGUST 1st 2017! New Items added!

I have always been weary of direct sales. Not sure why, I just mostly steered clear. Then I discovered Noonday Collection, and thought about it for a long time.


Why did the thought of selling something bother me? And why do I assume friends feel awkward buying from friends?

I mean, in this case, if you’re going to purchase jewelry anyway, wouldn’t you rather support a friend and fair trade artisan hand made business than walk into a big box or department store and pad the pockets of the CEO while the people in the factories get paid nothing and are most likely abused?

If you haven’t heard about Noonday Collection yet, I urge you to check out the website, peruse the impact section, and check out the blog.

And I’m having another online sample sale! Here is the link to some great items at a discount (many of which can still be purchased for full price on the website!) Most of these items have never been worn, and are in like new condition.

Items still available:

Adrift Necklace

Sunburst Necklace

Pathway Necklace

Dauntless Necklace

Trapeze Necklace

Nomadic Necklace

Violet Tassels Necklace

Flora Bib Necklace


Golden Bough Necklace

Quito Necklace

Shine Necklace

Bombay Necklace

kinfolk bag

Santa Fe Earrings

Rashmi Earrings

Carved Pillar Earrings

Raja Earrings

Elongated Brass Earrings

Glasswork Earrings

Compass EArrings

Carved Pillar Earrings

Athena Cuff

Meera Bracelet

Entwined Bracelet

Briye Bracelet

Desert Flower Infinity Scarf

Primrose Headband

Arm Warmers







Gift Ideas for the Women In Your Life (Some Ideas for Men Too!)

For the past few years my husband I and have decided to give gifts that give back. That’s why I am recommending these two socially responsible companies for gifts! AND, you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

fairtrade gifts

Noonday Collection works with 28 artisan groups in over 10 countries, and provides dignified jobs, no interest loans, scholarship programs and emergency assistance to these artisans. In turn, through YOUR purchases, we create a marketplace for these artisans here in the U.S..
Noonday has an amazing selection of beautiful jewelry and accessories. Many under $40! Everybody wins.
You can check out the website here.
fairtrade gifts
One of my favorites is the Paper Dreams Necklace– only $38! It is made from PAPER beads in Uganda, and looks like turquoise. I love it.

fairtrade jewelry

If the women in your life love the idea of natural products, or you’d like to introduce them to some, look no further.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic is an incredible skincare line. Almost completely organic.
organic skincare
They also have home cleaning products, products for men, and baby/kids items!
organic skincare


I love the pet deodorizer (it works as a stain remover! The best one I have ever tried), the dishwasher pods, the cotton pads and the entire skin care line.

And there is a limited edition candle that is perfect for the season- this candy cane candle is subtle, but refreshing. Not in the least bit overpowering. It is made with organic coconut oil and an organic cotton wick.

ava anderson non toxic

PLEASE contact me directly if you have any questions about any items recommended above. As always, I only recommend products I can whole heartedly get behind, and these products make such fantastic gifts with meaning.

Emeals Slow Cooker Meal Plan + Recipe

 Slow Cooker Meal Plans
There are many days that call for a slow cooker meal. I love the extra hour I have before dinnertime on those days.

Lots of people ask me what I make in my slow cooker. They are stuck in a rut of the same recipes- pot roast, stew, cabbage and sausage– you get the picture.

I have a solution- the eMeals Slow Cooker meal plan!

Once a week they send a meal plan with a list of ingredients easily sorted by area of the grocery store.

You head to the store, grab your groceries, and life just got a little easier.

This morning I threw together this delicious recipe from eMeals.

Beef Sweet Potato Chili recipe

I encourage you to try it, and if you like it, sign up for the plan. There are lots more where this one came from.

slow cooker clean eating plan beef and sweet potato chili

Donate Leftover Halloween Candy

Did you come home on Halloween night with an insane amount of candy and then hide it, only to find it two weeks later? No? Only Me?

Aside from the artificial colors and flavors, trans fat and high fructose corn syrup this stuff contains, I have a hard time eating any of the chocolate after my last post.

If you still have any candy lurking in your pantry and you feel too guilty to toss it, there is something you can do with all of that excess sugar.

Send it to Operation Gratitude, and they will include it in care packages for our troops deployed overseas. You can either send the candy in yourself (no later that December 5th- directions on the website) or find a local dentist who is participating in the candy drive.

How to Donate to Children With Hair Loss

I did it again!
children with hair loss

Chopped off 10 inches of my hair.

This time I am honored to send it to Children With Hair Loss

If you have hair to donate, it’s super easy. They require 8 inches, but the longer the better because little girls always request long hair for wigs. Knowing this made me want to cut off as much as possible.

I took a ruler so my awesome stylist Mandy Ward could measure the right amount, then she put a rubber band on it, braided it and then added another rubber band to the end. I made sure to have a plastic bag with me to store it in, and then I put it in an envelope and sent it off to Children With Hair Loss. children with hair loss

how to donate hair

I once had a hairstylist on a modeling job say to the client, “next time, let’s not get a model with five heads of hair on one head.” (He was frustrated with the amount of time it took to blow out my thick hair, and had to blame something!)

I think of that comment often, and today I hope he was right. I truly hope it will be possible to turn my ten-inch braid into wigs for five precious little girls.