5 Natural Ways to Combat Morning Sickness

We’ve all heard about drinking ginger tea when morning-or in some cases- all day sickness sets in, but some people don’t like ginger or the strong taste during pregnancy.  Here are 5 things you might not have thought to try that all really help!


1. Cut out sugar– seems obvious because every thing you eat should benefit your growing baby, but even sugar lurking in your morning cereal could contribute to the queasies.  Opt for whole eggs, and ezekiel toast, or whole grain hot cereals for breakfast.
2. Avoid caffeine– which increases miscarriage risk, so you should not be drinking it anyway!  And forget the 200 mg a day rule.  Your baby cannot metabolize caffeine so any amout that you consume will affect him or her.  Many babies are born addicted to caffeine and cease to get it once they are born so they go into withdrawal.  Do you really want your new baby crying uncontrollably from an “I need my morning coffee!!!” headache?
3. Drink water!-  This is perhaps the most important thing you can do.  The amniotic fluid is being replaced and circulated into your bloodstream every 3 hours, so flush out the old and bring in the fresh and new!  Hydrate your body before feeling ill, as most pregnant women with morning sickness can’t even stomach the thought of drinking water, so do it now!  Drink a glass! 
4. Red raspberry leaf tea– an amazing uterine tonic, this infusion is great to drink throughout your pregnancy.  It is also great iced.
5. Nux vomica– a homeopathic remedy you can find at your natural pharmacy or health food store. 

One more note on caffeine.  Many pregnant women innocently replace their morning coffee with decaf, but this is a mistake.  Decaf coffee is linked to miscarriage, possibly due to the formaldehyde and other chemicals used in the decaffeinating process.  You’re better off skipping it alltogether and drinking more water!

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